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Diversity, not uniformity, is what captures people’s attention. Travel and adventure have always been a source of human inspiration, as tales from books and travel literature have memorably documented.

A hotel with art provides this kind of adventure without the traveler having to risk his neck, like he would on a trekking tour through the Amazon Delta.  It tingles the brain, offers comfort and style.   An art hotel is a land of adventure rife with possible discoveries. A place of longing with the erotic allure of something that is never finished and never complete. By no means dusty temple of learning, an art hotel is a place that beckons with surprises, that can create a sense of lightheartedness, provide food for thought, inspire, and motivate—or it can simply be a place of beauty.

Contemporary art is young and sexy, not just since the art market has been commanding top prices, or because society and the jet set can’t seem to get enough.   Art makes connections. Art is international. A form of communication above and beyond the known languages of the world. Art hotels are familiar refuges in unfamiliar places.

We are not talking about hotels that use art as a marketing gimmick. Instead, art hotels are places where art lives and breathes, where inspired artists have created site-specific works or entire rooms.   Every guest who spends a night in an art hotel finds himself within a work of art that he can inhabit during his stay. The rooms are artistic propositions, museums, galleries, art spaces and living spaces all in one.

In order to facilitate your search for that special place, we have created this website for you. At artsleeper you can locate the art hotels in Europe that meet these standards. Short descriptions provide information about the hotels, and links direct you to the website of each hotel. Let the adventure begin!

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